SYNERGIE - Web is an information system dedicated to forecasters. It provides an integrated environment for meteorological data analysis and forecast expertise.

SYNERGIE - Web is the evolution of SYNERGIE system, which has been jointly developed by Météo France and Météo France International (MFI). It offers the SYNERGIE advanced features to ease forecasters’ daily duty, now accessible from a simple Web browser.

More than 300 SYNERGIE working positions are operated in more than 70 countries around the world

SYNERGIE - Web is used operationally at Météo France by more than 200 weather forecasters

SYNERGIE - Web is a Web-based Forecaster Workstation

  • SYNERGIE - Web Clients access central server through a standard Internet connection (with a minimum of 4 Mbps bandwidth)
  • Easy deployment and maintenance of SYNERGIE - Web clients : no specific software on client –only JRE (Java Run Time Environment)
  • Platform independent (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X...)

Process and display all types of meteorological data

  • Surface & Upper - air observations (SYNOP, SHIP, BUOY, METAR, TEMP, AMDAR...)
  • Global and Regional Models : Atmospheric, sea state, dispersion...
  • Ensemble Forecast System outputs : ECMWF, MeteoFrance, NOAA...
  • Aviation charts (SIGWX, Wind - Temp, LAF...)
  • Snow Information : heights, avalanche risks, diagrams
  • Nowcasting products : RDT (Rapidly Developing Thunderstorms), convective systems and precipitations monitoring...
  • Satellite imagery from geostationary & polar orbiting satellites : METEOSAT - MSG, HIMAWARI, FENG-YUN, GOES, METOP...
  • RadarImagery and products : reflectivity, advection, quantitative precipitation estimation, wind shear, rain rates...
  • Lightning data : impacts, impacts density, quality indices